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About Us

NYCstripAt ICER Real Estate Services, we’re exceedingly proud of the fact that we’re a multi-faceted investment and management company. Located right in the heart of beautiful New York City, we’re investors in the area (with our main service areas being Brooklyn and Manhattan) and take complete control over all of our own properties. One of the main reasons that we get up in the morning is because we truly love real estate and all that it has to offer. We live, sleep, eat and breathe the industry and we want both investors and tenants to be able to love it the same way that we do.

We put every last ounce of our passion into our jobs and are dedicated to finding ideal solutions for both tenants and homeowners in these areas. When you walk into our office, you don’t just become another client. You truly become a part of the larger ICER Real Estate Services family.

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